Live Stream + Event Support


knowing the show format

Every show is different, whether it's on-site, hybrid or virtual. Knowing how it's to be presented helps us identify your show needs. But with all shows, one thing remains a constant for us - engaging and exciting the audience to give them a memorable experience and a smooth and successful show.


Venue, equipment and manpower

Whether it's a full live show with multicams and 40" jibs with box lenses or a virtual event running multiple live streams, we work out the schematics to ensure all technical concerns and manpower needs are considered and managed even before the show starts. Because you don't want surprises on the actual day of the show.

multicam pic
light show pic

Enhancing the visual experience

As a video agency, our shows are developed with the visuals and audio experience. We go beyond just the performances to highlight the show's content using videos, music, lights and even the post-event highlights to ensure the audience gets a visual spectacle and viewers get a exciting memory.


Enjoying the show together

Running a show can be stressful, so leave that stress to us. You should experience the show together with the audience to be able to feel how the show goes and understand the feedback from your participants at the end of the event. Technicalities shouldn't be your worry. So let it be ours.