Using the latest in trends and digital technology,we create visual experiences to engage the audience for our clients.

Concept Development

Making a video without a concept is like walking blind. The way we approach our concepts is to first understand your needs and strategise a unique solution to engage your audience.

Video Production

With cinema cameras, drones, 360 cameras, motion control rigs, and a variety of cinematography techniques, we are not limited by technology but only by our imagination.

Post Production

Using a variety of techniques not limited to video editing, motion graphics and animation, our in-house post facility manages, voice recordings, color grading and finishing.

Video Platforms

Whether at an event or on a social media platform, we have done it all. Understanding the variety of platforms, there are no shocks, only the full experience you expect.


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Executive Producer

The Executive Producer ensures every project’s success. What we promise, we deliver. It’s really all about the client for Corrine; even when projects seem impossible, Corrine finds a way.

Creative Director

Creativity isn’t about dreaming the impossible but crafting a useful vision for the production. Having given talks about using social media for powerful exchanges, Vincent’s ideas are not without purpose.

Camera Operator

An equipment is only as good as it’s operator. Weide is “one” with his camera – one moment he’s here, the next, he’s elsewhere; somewhat like a magician.

Motion Artist

No video is complete without some form of visual enhancement. From understanding about colours and motion design, Jason enhances each project with elements of illustrations and 3D.


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So when a good idea comes, you know, part of my job is to move it around, just see what different people think, get people talking about it.

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